My Redeemer Liveth

My Redeemer Liveth

Upon this resurrection day, we think concerning the great events in the life of The Messiah–Jesus the Christ. And also it is important that we keep alive in our thinking the great pageantry in that hour, as well as the mighty and Majestic events that transpired.

It is more than a discussion of theology. It is a matter of History. It is an understanding of events that had taken place.

On Good Friday evening we discussed the plans for the Coronation of Christ that had preceded by one week, the day we now celebrate as HIS RESURRECTION. The organization of the many who wanted to Crown the Christ,-– KING,-– from soldiers of the army of Barabbas, who had gathered his Essene company to become the Army of the Christ, to the Essene Priesthood who had prepared the Crown for the Christ and also had prepared the Chalice and the cup for they were warned by John the Baptist–earlier, as he told them that at this time The Messiah would take the Chalice and the cup—all the followers were prepared for whatever was to come.—-We reviewed on Good Friday the events that surrounded that drama in the Garden of Gethsemane.

For one moment I would have you go back to that event in the Garden. For except you understand what took place in the Garden of Gethsemane, you have not caught the vastness of — the joy of this date.

When the Christ took the Chalice on the day they would have crowned Him King,–­this Chalice which had been prepared by the instigation of Joseph of Arimathea–this chalice which was beautifully prepared and also the outer cup–with the images of Christ and His disciples,–this Chalice which had been prepared because there was an understanding that HE might take the Chalice instead of the Crown.— So, understand these words that The Messiah spoke on that Day that they offered Him the Crown:–‑

“Although I am your King, and it is My right to reign, yet I will ot rule over an Empire of slaves, a people bound and who have no freedom. Therefore I must keep My covenant and My promise that I made. I must be the Lamb slain from the foundation of creation. I must take My cup, the cup of My Priesthood, and your deliverance. But the day shall come when I shall take the Crown. And in that day the Kingdom will not be delivered to the Jews.”

These words were to be Historic. And the Christ repeated them during the events of the next few days. When Jesus took the cup and handed it to Andrew, then many thought, their hope of the Messiah taking His Kingdom was to be postponed. So they were wondering what would be His final decision and what would He do?