Exposing The Falsification of Welsh-British History

Exposing The Falsification of Welsh-British History

THE TWO MAJOR BRITISH KINGS CALLED ARTHUR, King Arthur I of the late 4th Century AD, and King Arthur II of the 6th Century AD, were both very real, very powerful, and remarkably successful Kings of Britain. One was Arthur son of Magnus Maximus and Ceindrech daughter of Rheiden, who was born around AD 344 and who died around AD 400.

This Arthur conquered all of Western Europe between AD 383-388, and captured Paris, the stronghold of the Lady St Genevieve – who becomes the Lady Guinevere of the confused Romantic Arthurian tales we have all come to know.

The other was his direct sixth generation descendant Arthur II son of King Meurig (Maurice) and Queen Onbrawst, born c AD 503 and died AD 579. Both copiously recorded. The deliberate mistake was to weld these two powerful kings into one 250 years old impossible “King Arthur” who fought the Romans and killed their Emperor Gratian at Soissons in AD 383, and who then fought the Jutes, Angles, Saxons, and others in the mid 6th Century.

All this is well recorded and was well known by British scholars, but most modern academics do not grasp these simple foundation facts, because they do not read the ancient manuscripts, and have instead become indoctrinated into a belief system based on incorrect information.