Expanded History of The Flu

Expanded History of The Flu

HEALTH IS ALL ABOUT THE STATE OF THE WATER IN OUR BODIES. One of the most profound influences on the water in our bodies is the electro-magnetic environment and the introduction of man-made electrical devices. There is no clearer place to see these effects than in a thorough investigation of the history of influenza in the past 150 years.

The word “influenza” originated in Italy. The first record of this strange and inexplicable illness occurred around the year 1580. As the phenomenon recurred, acute observers recognized that it tended to ‘pop up’ simultaneously in multiple locations, sometimes on multiple continents. In an effort to explain this cognitively dissonant fact, Italian ‘scientists’ examined sun-spot records and noticed that outbreaks always seemed to coincide with peaks of sun-spot activity.

They understood that when the sun’s surface (or corona) was most active, there were mass ejections from the sun that manifested as spectacular displays of the Aurora Borealis in northern climes and that there were also magnetic effects (or magnetic ‘waves’) from the sun that struck the earth with uncommon intensity at these times.

Thus the word “Influenza became the name of this illness. “Influenza” being short for “Influenza delle stelle”—Influence of the Stars.

“Anxiety disorder,” afflicting one-sixth of humanity, did not exist before the 1860’s, when telegraph wires first encircled the earth.Influenza, in its present form, was invented in 1889, along with alternating current.
Prior to the 1860’s, diabetes was so rare that few doctors saw more than one or two cases during their lifetime.

Heart disease at that time was the twenty-fifth most common illness, behind accidental drowning.