Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 95

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 95

The Marriage of The Lamb – From the Books by Seiss

WE GO ONCE MORE TO THE OLD BOOKS FOR OUR REVIEW OF HIS SUBJECT. The Library of Dr. Swift has brought us much material in our search for the Gospel of the Kingdom.

As we come to this subject then The Harlot is now swept away. (This is Jewish control of religion, economy, and society. Their hold on these three is now swept away.) And the Faithful Woman (Israel) comes to her rightful honours. The betrothed, so long waiting, amid privation, persecution, and contempt now becomes the BRIDE. The time of her Marriage has arrived.

The Bridegroom is of course The LAMB, Our Saviour. The Old Testament people are everywhere represented as betrothed to their God, the HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL, as a candidate for a Glorious union, all in due time. Isaiah 14:1‑8 and Hosea 2:19. In the New Testament it is the same, the Saints (believing offspring) are to be the Bride, and become the Wife. This NEW Jerusalem coming down out of the heavens is where we find the Bride, this race which prepares themselves to be the Bride, the Wife, THE LAMB’S WIFE. This New Jerusalem is something which has been there since Adam, just waiting in the wings, and now takes their place in the prophesied Blessings. The Saints have a righteousness by imputation through FAITH, without works, and a righteousness which is the fruit of FAITH, consisting of works springing forth, and wrought in FAITH.