Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 94

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 94

(Many were the Lectures given by our Author as he put forth his interpretation of this last Book in the Bible. He was considered a great Minister of his time and has some interesting observations.)

AS THE ANGEL (EAGLE) HAVING THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL to preach to those who dwell upon the earth says: .’Fear God, and give to Him Glory because the hour of his judgment is come.’ The second Angel (Eagle) then announces that Great Babylon has fallen. The third Angel (Eagle) announces that anyone who worships The Beast and his Image, and receives the Mark on his forehead or hand shall drink of the wrath of God.

As you know the darkest storms often give way to the loveliest sunsets. The wind and the thunder exhaust themselves, the clouds empty and break, and from the heavens behind them comes a golden light. Since these in ancient writings were called Eagles and not Angels we understand the part now played by the Eagles of Deuteronomy 32, these Israelites in the great drama which will unfold as the time of Judgment comes. We have witnessed the sealing of the 144,000 (Rev. 14:1‑13) and realize these are the tribes of Israel by the multiple of 12, they are redeemed and now will play their part as the scene changes.

We have witnessed the part played by the Anti-Christ, and listened to Satan’s angry cry, and shuddered at the shadows, the distress and darkness he has cast upon the world. We have seen his Power and Tyranny. But finally the scene begins to change, this terror cannot last. In the heavens we begin to see the light breaking from behind the clouds. Where Perdition has been holding court, the symptoms of a better order are beginning to appear. Over the pathway of the ‘Abomination of the Desolation’ we now see the forming outlines of the arch of beauty, hope, and peace. In place of the Beast system (world order), the Lamb comes into view. In place of the Blaspheming, the Redeemer appears with the name of YAHWEH ‑ YAHSHUA upon His brow.