Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 93

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 93


These are subjects from the Old Big Book by Joseph Seiss called The Apocalypse, Volume II

AS THE SEVENTH SEAL OF THAT BOOK OF INHERITANCE is broken we still have a delay in the reading of the Book. Now seven Angels stand in the presence of God and ‘to them are given seven trumpets’. In Holy Scripture the voice of the Trumpet is the most significant voice known. God Himself gave His Ancient people very special directions with regard to the use of the Trumpet. It is described as a loud and mighty cry, which related only to important occasions in Israel.

Trumpets were connected with war. (Numbers 10:9 Jeremiah 4:19) Trumpets were for gathering the people and moving the camps of Israel. (Numbers 8) Trumpets proclaimed great festivals. Trumpets are also related to the announcements of Royalty. (I Kings 1:34‑39 II Kings 9:13) Trumpets are associated with the manifestation of the Majesty and Power of God. Trumpets are connected with the overthrow of the ungodly. Trumpets proclaimed the laying of the foundations of God’s Temple.