Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 81

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 81

The Pyramid and other symbols of the Kingdom

WE HOPE THOSE OF YOU ON THE TAPE LIST HAD A WONDERFUL DAY remembering the coming of YAHWEH (Spirit) into the flesh as YAHSHUA, our Saviour. Yes, we do not believe that December 25 was His birthday as we calculate the time, but according to old methods a child’s age was reckoned from the conception date, thus we do not want to argue this point, we just want to remember that HE came, and why He came, and to whom HE came. Since the 5 Petal Rose is His emblem as established by the Ancient Mystery Schools then I wanted to bring you this poem:

‘The Christmas Rose’.
‘Oldest of cherished flowers.
Survivor of winter snows,
What blossom gives more pleasure
Than this the Christmas Rose.
From age to age its seedlings,
Were nourished and preserved,
As loving gardeners lavished
The care that it deserved.
Love gave the world these roses,
Love gives us all good things,
And Love inspires each blessing
A Happy Christmas brings.’

This Christmas Rose on the card that Jeanette sent is a white Rose. Five Petals, and it thus marks not only the Saviour but His Kingdom Race as well. The Ancient Mystery School carried the 5 Petal Rose as a symbol, and we remember that at one time 5 Petal Roses were raised as wild roses in Germany and they were of the colours red, white, and blue. At times you see Roses with 10 Petals, five on the outside and 5 smaller petals on the inside, but then 10 stands for completion of the Kingdom, according to Ancient Israel Doctrine and this also stands for the purpose and plan of The ALMIGHTY.

Now; We have seen at times in this country and the rest of the Western, a renewed interest in the Great Pyramid of Giza, and here in the early 1980’s and beyond we have seen again this interest as to the meaning, the Mystery of this great structure. In 1979 we had the books written by Max Toth. He wrote ‘Pyramid’ which we have, and the other ‘Pyramid Power’.