Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 79

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 79

Nostradamus Prophecies and Why the Nations of The World Cannot Disarm. Dr. Swift.

AS WE HAVE BEEN STUDYING THE OLD RECORDS we have also read several translations of the prophecies of Nostradamus the 16th, Century Seer. Some have tried to portray him as a Devil saying that only the occult is able to translate his work correctly. Jeanette ran across a translation of ‘Nostradamus, Count Down to Apocalypse’, volume 2, by Jean Charles de Foutbrune. It is the best I have read so thought we would compare these prophecies to the teachings of DR. Swift and it is amazing how they work together.

The father of our Author worked for 44 years on these prophecies by Nostradamus, and being French could better understand the ancient French in which the prophecies were written. He was thus able to connect the prophecies to world and especially European events.

Here in Volume 2, our Author tried to decipher the prophecies for the last of the 20th., Century, after a short review of volume 1. Then on into the 21st., Century. Although he does not know Israel Identity still we learn many interesting things about this man Nostradamus as well as his prophecies.