Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 74

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 74


American Symbolism From The “Indians” As Found In The Old Big Book And My Understanding.

IN THIS ARTICLE IN THE OLD BIG BOOK we found both true and false symbolism and we also see how and when the symbolism was turned and then claimed by the enemy. In this picture with this article we see the so called, Camozotz, or ‘The Lord of the bats’ emerging from his cave to strike with his great and crooked sword at the Light of the Spiritual’.

We are told here that those who live only in the sphere of the SENSES, who permit themselves to become hopelessly involved with Worldliness are either intentionally or unintentionally doers of evil. The earthly existence of Adam‑man thus found him in a world of Materialism which is ruled by fear, hate, greed and lust. In it wanders the ghosts of human beings who listlessly float upon the sea of Sensationalism. Only when the soul comes into a realism of the spiritual verities of life does it escape from this underworld, the house of demons. The Sun of Truth rises in man and illuminates his world when he lifts his mind from the darkness of selfishness and ignorance into the Light of Selfless and wisdom.

As you turn to consider the North American Indian symbolism then you need a background knowledge of symbolism to see where it came from and the true and the false of the symbols used. Back through the history of the Adamic race you find the message of the symbols, through Europe, Scandinavia and the Mideast, as well as in Egypt where you must go looking for the answers for how come the North American Indians have some of the same ideas as to the makeup of the earth as an intermediate plane, bounded above by a heavenly sphere.

Why did they believe that the Great Spirit dwelt above while below there was a dark and terrifying subterranean world which was the abode of Sub-mundane powers? The Greeks referred to the underworld as the initiates of the lesser mysteries, and we find in some of the American Indian tribes a belief that there were some beings capable of functioning in two or more elements, or as messengers between spirits of various planes.