Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 71

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 71

The Ancient Keys To Adam‑Man – The Number 33
The Quabbalistic Keys To The Creation Of Adam‑Man

THE WORD AUDAUM (ADAM) SIGNIFIES A SPECIE, a race, and it is only with proper understanding that Adam be considered as an individual. Adam was the great procreator of the Race, and YAHWEH gave the command that the body of Adam‑man be kept above ground till the fullness of time when it would be placed in the middle of the earth by a Priest of the MOST HIGH GOD. The body of Adam was embalmed and transferred from father to son and was finally placed in the hands of Noah, it was on the ark. Dr. Swift then traced the body of Adam to Shem and then by him was placed in the Great Pyramid, in the centre of the earth. In the Greek the numerical number of the name of Adam, its value is 46, and the Temple of Solomon took 46 years to build, thus Adam was considered a type of the temple, the house (kingdom of YAHWEH) since scripture traces the lineage through the male line we are not told what was done with the body of Eve, but no doubt it was carefully cared for as was Mary, for Eve was the mother of the race.

The picture in symbolism with this article shows a young man, his hands are resting on the handle of the great sword in front of him. There is a great Emerald in the handle of the Sword. There is wings from his shoulders reaching to his feet symbolizing this is a heavenly body as well. Behind his head we see a Lion, a Bull and an Eagle, one behind each shoulder and each of these have a great set of wings as well. There is then a great ‘Sunburst’ behind them.