Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 69

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 69

The Martyrdom of The Apostle Peter From The Book Jeanette Had, And The Gospel of The Kingdom From The Swift Tapes And My Understanding.

WE OF COURSE KNOW THAT PETER WAS ONE OF THE APOSTLES, and that he worked in Jerusalem for some time after the crucifixion. We find him working in several places in the old records, and then he was led to go to Rome for the magician Simon was there deceiving many Israelites of that city.

In Rome Peter finds many of our people with all kinds of diseases and he cures them through the name of YASHUA. His ministry drew many of Lost Israel to the saviour, but the power of Simon the Magician was to be faced for Simon declared that he would show the people of Rome the wondrous power of his father, for he was going to fly. The next day a crowd gathered and Peter came also to expose this pretender. And Simon said to Peter: ‘If your God whom the Jews destroyed, as they also stoned some of you who were chosen of HIM, if HE has the power, let HIM show that faith in HIM is also in God. Let it be shown at this time whether it be worthy of God. For I am now ascending and will show to this crowd what manner of being I am.

Well! low and behold Simon was carried into the air and everyone in Rome saw him as he passed over the city with its temples and hills, using the power of his father. Then the faithful looked toward Peter to see how he would explain all of this. Peter cried out to YAHSHUA for help, for he knew these Lost Israelites were beginning to wonder about all he had done for them in the name of YAHSHUA. Surely HE would not want these his children to be deceived by Simon. So Peter cried out, and he did not ask for the death of Simon, just bring him down and let him maybe break his leg in three places so he would be crippled after that stunt, that would do. So sure enough Simon fell, and he broke his leg in three places, and his followers carried him outside the city, so he would not be stoned.