Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 68

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 68

Fundamentals Of Qabbalistic Cosmogony The Gospel Of Thomas From The Book, New Testament Apocrypha. Then The Secrets Of The Zodiac.

FUNDAMENTALS OF QABBALISTIC COSMOGONY IS FROM THE OLD BIG BOOK, The symbol of creation is that which is formed and which returns from whence it comes. This is the symbol of the unconditional state of all things. The most ancient of all ancients, the symbol then of the nature of creation is a circle, and the circle is also an emblem of Eternity. The dot in the centre of the circle is also an emblem, is the unconditioned state of all things, or translated as THE MOST ANCIENT OF ALL THE ANCIENTS. Space is thus hypothetically enclosed with in a great crystal like Globe, outside of which there is nothing, not even a vacuum. Within this circle creation and dissolution takes place. This is the Cosmic egg which we have spoken of before. And we are told here that this Cosmic egg is not to be broken until the ‘End of the cycle of necessity’ when all things return to their ultimate cause. We would say when ‘all things are put under HIS feet’. And this would surely be after the millennium, after the final rebellion of the 15 years by Lucifer and his kingdom.

Now; in the process of creation the Eternal Divine Essence (YAHWEH) retired to the centre of this circle and established a central point, and now this presence of YAHWEH shines upon space, and we call this the throne area since he is King of Kings. Everything thus moves out from the centre then back through, until the end is the same as the beginning.

The Hebrews showed a three pronged triad, and in misunderstanding of symbols this became ‘the trinity’, and in this triad we have given it before, and it is like a capital ‘W’ with the centre prong slightly higher than those on the outside. We thus have the Hebrew triangle or pyramid type and this contained the Divine name. The circle then represents creation and everything moves out from the centre of the triangle enclosed in a circle. The middle of the Triad, the highest point portrays spirit with the two shorter prongs of the Triad as soul and body. There is also a very small circle above each of the three prongs calling for more emphasis to this message of the Triad which is spirit, soul and body, for Adam‑man also possesses the three.