Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 66

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 66

HERE IN OUR DAY WE FIND THAT THE AMERICAN MEDICAL PROFESSION uses drugs to hopefully kill the pain while the body heals itself. Not much notice is given to the side effects of those drugs although they are many.

Looking backward we find that the art of healing was originally one of the secret sciences of the Priests of Israel. all higher forms of knowledge were originally in the possession of these men of wisdom. The mystery of their source of wisdom is obscured by the Genesis of religious belief. In the days of Enoch, he was High Priest of his time, they possessed Divine knowledge, and dispensed that knowledge through the Priesthood. As the Adamic race spread out over the earth it was the Priests of the Race, under Divine guidance who made the laws and enforced them. It was the Priests under this Divine guidance who appointed the rulers, controlled them, ministered to the ‘Living’ and guided the destinies of this race. All branches of learning were monopolized by the Priesthood who admitted into their ranks only those qualified to carry on their ancient secrets.

Plato wrote: ‑’In Egypt the king is not allowed to reign unless he has Priestly Powers, and if he should be one of another class, and have obtained the throne by violence, he must be controlled by the Priesthood. (unquote)’

In those ancient days anyone aspiring to membership in the religious order of Adam‑man had to go through severe tests to prove their worthiness. Those tests were called initiations, and those who passed successfully were welcomed as brothers by the Priests, and then instructed in the ancient teachings of Israel. Among those ancient subjects were Philosophy, Science, and Religion, and they were never considered as separate units, each was regarded as a part of the whole knowledge. Philosophy was scientific and religious, while Science was philosophy and religious, and Religion was philosophic and scientific. Perfect wisdom was considered unattainable save as the results of harmonizing all three of these expressions of mental and moral activity.

The books listed as being from the pen of Hermes (Enoch) contained: 1. the science of medicine. 2. The Emerald tablet which in reality was a chemical formula of a high and secret order. There were in all 6 general classifications of those books of wisdom by Enoch.