Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 64

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 64

The Elementals and Much That Fits Into The Subject Leading up to The Secrets of Great Mystery Babylon of Our Day.

WE HAVE TOLD YOU MANY THINGS THROUGHOUT THIS TAPE SERIES, some of them would be, out of this world, to many people, but there is much, much more to learn. We have come no where near to he point of fulfilling our cup of knowledge. We have however hesitated to go deeper into this subject of the Elementals since it is rather ‘far out’ to anyone who believes that all people came from Adam about 4004 B.C.

We have told you much about the makeup of the dimensions and the creation, and of course about the kingdom in earth. We have told you about the Great Archangel, and why his rebellion was allowed. And although even Jesus said HE saw a star fall from heaven, still may have been taught and believed that the Devil is just an evil nature in you which you will defeat as you learn to ‘love everybody’. This is something that has been sown into the Christian religion to help in the process of destroying your belief in YAHSHUA, as to who HE is, why HE came, and to whom HE came.

The scripture tells you that Lucifer was once a great illuminator as he proclaimed the ‘truths’ of YAHSHUA‑YAHWEH, and was called; The sun of the Morning, a bright and shinning Star who served before the MOST HIGH, and was controller in fact of most of the area of the ‘Milky Way’ system of the Universe. Remember that YAHWEH has a great Archangel invested in this rebellion and this was allowed for a great purpose.

There came a time when this Archangel was allowed to feel jealous, and wonder who was to have more power in this glorious created universe. YAHWEH had children of his spirit, and they were to become greater in power than Lucifer himself, and Lucifer then decided he would not reflect this ‘truth’ in the area of the universe which he controlled. And now that this question of Power was raised then of course it must be handled once and for all times, must be settled by Divine authority, once and for all. YAHWEH would now establish this question, then settle it once and for all, and it will never rise again.

Lucifer in rebellion was no longer able to proclaim ‘truth’ and he thus became a devil, or Satan. Right away in space Satan began mutating every law he could remember, and out of these violations came mutations. After being driven into our solar system and confined, with these angelic hosts who rebelled with him, he set about upsetting the balance of earth, just as he had done out in space. He took over the ancient Torog civilization and produced through violations of law and mutations many different species.