Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 55

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 55

WHEN THE PEOPLE PREPARING THIS OLD BIG BOOK CAME TO THE SUBJECT OF ‘THE ROSE CROSS’ they ran into this organization known as ‘The Rosicrucians’ going strong in the 18th., century. Thus who founded the beginning of this school formally called ‘The Rose Cross?’ Going further back they found that there was a mysterious man in Europe who went by the Initials of C.R.C. Some said this was the organization which was called the Christian Rose Cross which had carried through from the time of Enoch, so long before the birth of the Christ.

The picture here in the Old Big Book is of an old gentleman sitting at his desk patiently copying from a book. He has long white hair and beard, and there is a feathered pen in his hand, and he is copying from this book which is propped up by a skull, and doing his work by candlelight. On the table beside him is another book, and on the cover of that book is they symbol of that organization. This being a five petal Red rose with a white cross in the centre of the Rose. On a wall is another of these same symbols and beside the book is an hourglass said to suggest that in time all shall be revealed. Some of these writers thought this was just a painting, nothing more, while others thought they would disagree. Some tried to deny that there ever was such a man who tried to bring forth in Europe, the spiritual philosophy which the Ancients seemed to know and to practice.

About 1610‑1614 writings began to appear in Europe, the first book begins with the reminder to all the world of God’s goodness and mercy, and it warns the Intelligentsia that their egotism and covetousness caused them to follow after false prophets, and to ignore the knowledge God has revealed to them. Hence a reformation is necessary, and God has raised up philosophers and sages for this purpose. In order to bring about a reformation, a mysterious person came on the scene to assist in bringing it about. This person was called, ‘The highly illuminated Father, C.R.C.’ He was said to be a German by birth, descendent of a noble family, but himself a poor man, and he instructed the secret society called ‘The Rose Cross’.

It is said that he had been placed in a Cloister when only five years of age, and had travelled to Damascus to study with philosophers there. He heard of a group of Qabbalists living in the mystic city of Arabia, called Damcar. He was but 16 years of age when he arrived there, but was greeted as one expected. He learned the Arabic tongue while there and was able to translate their sacred book into Latin.