Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 52

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 52

QUESTION: Why do we not have a Bible with perfect translation so that people will know what it really says?

ANSWER: Well this is a far from perfect world as yet, and some people worship pen and ink and not the word. But it is all in the book as to how we are to be misled, so you just have to work at finding the truth, for it is not handed out on a silver platter as yet.

Symbolism was to carry the message down through the years because the written word, in the hand of men with their pen and ink, would become confusing.

A good example of this confusing tactic is found in the Companion Bible where also there is uncovered great translation and truth. In the Epistle to James we read: ‘James a servant of God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad, greetings.’ here James is listed as a servant but in Matthew 20:26 and mark 10:40., the word servant is translated minister. We know that James was one of the apostles that moved out to carry the gospel of the kingdom to lost Israel. He was picked by YAHSHUA who came and humbled himself, but now at the time of James, he is exalted and glorified. In the gospels the translation, Jesus Christ, means YAHSHUA who came, humbled himself, as Messiah, thus once again we should take care to note the various meanings so as to understand the translations.

Now; James was writing to the twelve tribes of Israel, and now there is no suggestion of there being a separation of the house of Judah and the house of Israel. And we recall that those of Judah and Benjamin who were left in the old land of Palestine at the time of the coming of Messiah had become sort of narrow minded. They were not going to recognize any of the house of Israel outside of Judea.

They were willing to go along with the Jewish control of the temple although they knew that Herod’s temple was covered with gold, and around the rim of the temple was the symbol of their belief, the fig leaves and six pointed stars with interwoven serpents heads. They knew that the Jews identified their ecclesiastical rule with the fig leaf, and their political rule with the serpent, but they pretended not to notice for this was still the seat of their kingdom in Judea, and they always hoped that some day, some way they would see the control returned to them.