Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 44

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 44

QUESTION: .If the ‘Temple of the Stars’ is so much symbolism, then what about Stonehenge, for we read that it was used for Human sacrifice?

ANSWER: .I think it has been pretty well proved today that Stonehenge was not used for human sacrifice, if people will just look at the facts. But let’s take a look at Prehistoric England, Prehistoric London and its mounds and circles as well as Stonehenge and Avebury, and other interesting types of circles. Then you ask yourself why if these were only used for human sacrifices, why such Ancient people would work so hard to move those great stones and place everything in a circle??

I have a book entitled ‘Prehistoric London, its Mounds and Circles’ and this was published originally in 1914. We will be using this book and its subjects. Some we have covered before, but maybe it did not register so if there is anything you have already heard then you know why.

Old writers say the history of a nation is the history of its religion, its attempts to seek after and serve its God. And in no nation or country is this more true than of Great Britain. The pre‑historic remains of open-air sanctuaries, artificial mounds and scientifically constructed astronomical circles bear witness to the vigor and vitality of a national religion.

Oh, there has been circles built over the pathway of the Adamic people as they travelled in their migrations, but the British Isles, in that small area there is an over supply. We know that Moses erected 12 stones in a circle in the Wilderness, and at the valley leading to the convent on Mount Sinai. This was a small conical mound called the Mount of Conference, or a place of assembly. Then Joshua following YAHWEH’S command erected a circle of stone at Gilgal immediately on the arrival of the Israelites in the promised land. In Palestine there was a circle of Stones on the Summit of Gerizim called, ‘The Mount of God’, it was the oldest sanctuary in Palestine, we do not know who erected it, but no doubt some of the Adamites.

Where the city of London, England now stands there were many religious monuments. There is evidence of two circles called Cors or ‘Courts of Justice’. There were 4 conical mounds of unknown antiquity which like Cathedrals and churches dominated the Moors, marshes, and water sketches that tell of the outline of the pre‑Christian Capital. And in Early Druid times around these places of Assembly all the civil and religious affairs of the district revolved.