Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 42

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 42

QUESTION: .Will we be able to stop the tearing down of our schools by those programs set in place 20 or more years ago?

ANSWER: .Well, education is the development of that which is, thus those planning for a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, without a United States had to change the education pattern of our children to bring about a different outlook than was held by our forefathers. The system of bussing was a part of the Satanic deal to destroy our race and our society. To bring this about the books in the schools were thus changed to down grade our protesting this all over our Nation. But is has not been having any effect for it was not a coordinated drive.

You will find that we developed as a Nation when communications were very powerful, but today communications has joined the building of a world State. This brought on the drive to change the U.S. into only a part of a one world government through the use of the United Nations. But it takes a crucible to bring forth gold tried in the fire, and this gold tried in the fire of Scripture is the people of the kingdom and the crucible is your Destiny.

Now; school is out for summer vacation and it is time for parents and concerned people to get interested in the curriculum of the schools for this fall. It is time to find out what is to be taught this fall, and what books are in the library of your schools, what tapes are there and video tapes are available in your area. Find out how much influence the NEA has in your area? We think you will find that the NEA record shows that it is not interested in education of students, or interested in teachers.

We think you should know that it if can mould children’s minds it has seized a monopoly on the future. Here is what Professor Chester E. Finn Jr., of Vanderbilt University has to say about the NEA’s basic strategy: ‘It includes the de‑legitimising of all authority except that of the State, the degradation of traditional morality, and the encouragement of citizens in general and children in particular to despise the rules and customs that made their society a functional Nation. It was raw political power which led Jimmy Carter to bow the knee and set up a Department of Education with Taxpayers money, but controlled by the NEA. Unquote.