Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 40

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 40

QUESTION: .then Communism did not start in 1917?

ANSWER: .No, of course not. Communism is the ultimate goal of the enemy because it is totalitarian rule over the earth and its people. It is the name of the final power of prophecy this white race of the kingdom is to face, but it is the same old power of Lucifer’s kingdom. It is atheistic, it is a religion complete with prophet, holy blood, dogma, and high priest. The dogma is the fallacy of ‘Equalism’, on an individual and ethnic scale.

The truth boldly stated is that men and races are not equal in physical, mental, or moral powers. Because of this simple truth all attempts to force them into equality by the force of law are doomed to failure and will destroy or enslave the superior. That is communism.

The race question serves as another example of lunacy. The liberals say that if the Negro has proven themselves incapable of maintaining civilization through out recorded history, then just educate them, with the white children of course, then do the same with the mulatto offspring of the two races and the nation will leap ahead to utopia. If the parents complain, well educate the parents, and if you can’t do it with newspapers, TV. Evangelists then use the tanks and bayonets.

Such reasoning has failed to consider the inborn, and hereditary spiritual, mental, physical, and character capacities, the differences and needs of individuals and races. Prophecy says: ‘I shall take you to, thou shalt go even unto Babylon, and there shalt thou be delivered; there the LORD shall deliver thee from the hand of thine enemies.’ Then HE tells us to ‘Come out of her oh my people less you be hurt in her fall.’ Revelation 18. Since this Mystery Babylon, this Great Mystery Babylon is the fulfilment of this ONE World Government, the Beast system run by Lucifer and his children then we have walked into this enslavement, and must come out of it.

You can search Christian literature over the past ages and it is only after the ADL and their associated groups begin popularizing the malicious myth of Judeo‑Christian heritage that we see this phrase used as a fact today. Now this refrain is parroted by Catholic Priests, Protestant Bishops, Clergymen who have encouraged to regard the expression as a mark of sophisticated liberalism, and as evidence that they are completely free of Christian Anti‑Semitism.