Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 37

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 37

QUESTION: Here in the space age what is the enemy afraid of? If they were not afraid of something you would not see all this propaganda drive against the Star Wars program and things like that?

ANSWER: Yes, we often wonder why this idea that America must be able to protect herself from space should scare the enemy so badly, and worry men even in our nation as well.

Why also does it scare the enemy to hear a different message by some small identity group such as Aryan Nations? After all they are a small group although vocal? Why worry if a small church or some parents decide to teach their children, and not send them to the public schools? Why all this drive to remove prayer from our schools? What is wrong with our society that they want to change it even tho they clamoured to come here to live? Is it not The Christ they really want to do away with?

Alright this is the Air Age, the Age of Space, and the Eagle always flies the highest of any of the birds. When a storm comes the Eagle takes to the skies and rides above the storm. Is the enemy, the conspirators, afraid that the people are beginning to look up? In the sixties as they began to talk of space, and of U.F.O.’s then some in our Government were able to suppress all evidence of Ships of space, why did this worry them?

A little over thirty years ago Captain Ruppelt former head of ‘project blue book’ issued his report of the fact that there was strong evidence of intelligence guided space crafts. General Samford of the Pentagon stated that there are credible observers of relatively incredible things. But someone in Washington D.C. closed down all information, their official reason being that they, the hierarchy was afraid there would be mass hysteria if the people thought there was such a thing as unidentified flying objects. Thus all private investigations were to stop.