Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 36

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 36

QUESTION: Why should we be interested in the fact that part of the Manasseh people came into Central America and then on into the U.S.?

ANSWER: Because we believe in the prophecies which follow our people. That a double portion was given to Joseph in the blessings of Israel (Genesis 48:22), this was so that both sons of Joseph would be leaders of tribes of Israel. And any issue of Joseph after this would also be counted as Israel and they would go with Ephraim and Manasseh. (Genesis 48:6) Manasseh was the first born, but the seed of Ephraim would become a multitude of nations, thus greater in number. Genesis 49 gives you the blessings of the House of Joseph which helps trace these two tribes through the years. It is written that: ‘Joseph is a fruitful bough by a well whose branches run over the wall. The archers (enemy) has sorely grieved him, shot at him, and hated him. But his bow abodes in strength; and the arms of his hands were made strong by the hands of the Mighty God of Jacob from whence is the Shepherd, the stone of Israel. Even by the God of thy father, who shall help thee, and by the Almighty who shall bless thee with blessings of heaven above, blessings of the deep that lieth under, blessings of the breast and of the womb.

The blessings of thy father have prevailed above the blessings of my progenitors unto the utmost bounds of the everlasting hills; they shall be upon the head of Joseph, on the crown of the head of him who was separate from his brothers. Genesis 49:22‑26

In the Book of Deuteronomy, chapter 33, you find more of the blessings of the tribes of Israel and in verses 13‑17 the special blessings of Joseph both Ephraim and Manasseh. The Unicorn is one of the symbols of Joseph, as well as the bullock as they push their people to the ends of the earth to fulfil their Destiny.

In the Book of Numbers, chapter 2, you find the numbering of the tribes was done, and the tribe of Ephraim already was larger, for they were numbered at 40,000 men from 20 years old and upward, where as Manasseh men from 20 years upward were numbered at 32,200. Each tribe was to pitch by the standard of their father and Levi was not to be numbered thus the Biblical number of 12 would be maintained. The Marching orders also place the House of Joseph on the West in the Kingdom line up.