Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 34

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 34

Question: What is this book of Horus that Dr. Swift referred to and what did it contain?

Answer: Well it is an Egyptian book, and there are some strange things connected with it. A man by the name of Randall Stevens had been doing much research and he was given a vision as to where there would be found the buried writings of Horus under the sands of Egypt. He saw a temple where worship of Ancient Egypt took place. He saw old scrolls buried which would tell the story as to where these people of Egypt came from in Ancient times. Under spiritual inspiration this man then took pen and paper and wrote the first few chapters of this book of Horus although only small fragments had been found before this. But this man just felt led to go down to Egypt and find a complete set of the scrolls which now make up the book of Horus.

War conditions at that time prevented this, but later he was allowed to go, and there after only three days of digging they found the entrance to an old temple just where Stevens had said it would be. And in this temple was an entrance to a tomb and there was the most complete book of Horus ever found. It was in great scrolls. But here was a man who set down after his dream and wrote the first few chapters of something he had never seen. Then he tried to persuade people to back his quest so he could go dig up the original, and then went and dug them up.

Now; this book is not from inspiration given to our race. It is a pre‑Adamic inspired version of what happened to these people, and is written by their Priest with the Title of Horus. Each Priest after that was given the same title and the National Geographic magazines in different articles about Ancient Egypt records the name of their Priest in different centuries as Horus, even after Adam.

The significance of this book of Horus is that although it was written to the Ancient people finally called Egyptians still it is written about the sons and daughters of YAHWEH. Their Priest Horus taught of ‘ONE’ God of Light called YAHWEH‑PUTAH (meaning Saviour). He tells of a promise made to these Ancient people as they were getting ready to leave their homeland of Atlatcan or Atlantas as we call it today.