Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 190

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 190

Exodus 2 – Where Did The Word Jew come From??

IN THE WRITINGS ON EXODUS, you have just read what even the concordance has to say about this word, Jew, which is so prevalent today. I would now like to back this up from an article pulled from my files. It is from an address by Ben Freedman many, many years ago as to the origin of this word and also as to the origin of the Khazars.

Ben Freeman, we are told by Dr. Swift, was not a Jew, although he had been raised by a distinguished Jewish family in New York City. Col. Doll, Chairman of Liberty Lobby, when introducing Ben Freedman as the speaker to this military group, told us that after marriage, Ben Freedman then moved over into the areas of Christianity. This took ‘guts’ to do. For then he was ostracized by many of his friends for believing that this country of the United States of America had objectives and ideals that did not appear in the minds of some of our alien citizens.

Ben Freedman was actually a Prussian in his true lineage. But like the Apostle Paul, he had a great education when young. For he thought that he was Jewish in all his young life. Thus we believe that he has a message for us of today as he did for these people he was speaking to many years ago.

Here is a summary of what he had to say: Ben Freedman

I am grateful to Col. Doll for the privilege of addressing you of this group. And if you will try to make a little use of this information I will give you, then maybe you can be helpful in saving these United States from the fate which has befallen Great Britain and also Czarist Russia, now the Soviet Union. I just returned from an extended trip in what is known as the Middle East. I am very friendly with the heads of government, the rulers who have known me from 25 to 30 years, who talk to me, and treat me as a brother. I stay with them in their homes, And we call each other by our first names.
Now what I am going to tell you may not make you fell any more comfortable, but the less comfortable you are after hearing me, the more chance you will exert whatever influence you can to save this country from a fate it does not deserve.