Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 176

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 176

Bible Study Genesis Chapter 10

Vs: 1 Now these are the generations (family history) of the sons of Noah: Shem, Ham, and Japhet.

NOW; WE FIND THAT JAPHET IS LISTED LAST HERE, but then the genealogy of Japhet is first. And as you search the history books you find the names of the sons and grandson of Japhet, especially do you find the names of Magog, Gomer and Tubal.

The name Japhet means enlargement, and according to history and to the Swift ministry, at least some of the Japhet people in their migration after coming out of the high country back into northern India, went to the east, and for a long time they held to their racial cleanliness, but further down the line of their genealogy, after the demise of Japhet, this line began to mix with the Asiatics, and there you find those names, and as always this mixture then comes against Christianity. Read the books of Harold Lamb and you will find these names, as you also find in Ezekiel 38.

Before they lost their identity Gomer according to Herodotus would begin the lineage of those known in Assyria as Kimmerians, the forerunners of the Celts. Thus, this grandson of Japhet did not mix the race, but some of the lineage would go on eastward and eventually be absorbed while some would go westward.

The sons of Magog are not mentioned here as these must have been absorbed first, where as the sons of Madai and Tubal also were absorbed in the east, and no longer listed in the generations (family history of Adam Noal). The sons of Javan are listed and you find these names mostly in the west.

Noah and not doubt some of the children went on down the trail that other Adamites had taken, and Noah was living in Petra when Abraham and his mother came to live with Noah for protection.

Thus the sons and grandsons and daughters of each had a certain destiny to fulfil in this program of God, and no doubt it was carried out.

Verse 5, tells us that at least some of the children of Japhet’s son Javan, went south and west, and we find traces of them on the isles of the Mediterranean.

The sons of Ham were Cush, and Mezraim, and Phut and Canaan, and you remember than Cush begat Nimrod.