Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 164

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 164

Questions And Answers

START MISSING––-earth and then the earth became without form and was void, and void means aftermath of destruction by Divine hand in this instance. Then Jeremiah in the fourth chapter tells you how God brought this back to his memory and he wrote it down to tell you about it. He says: I watched this great catastrophe which overwhelmed this great civilization. This is before the 6th., day creation. So you see that the devil had been busy before the 6th., day but that early civilization was wiped out, or a few might have gone away. We know there was civilizations back then, before the pre‑Cambrain days for they were glazing ceramics.

Now: I don’t quite believe this one billion years, it is still to far to prove with radio carbon or with fluorine replacement or any of those things, so I give them this much time, one‑half a million or three quarters of a million years, for up in Yellowstone there is in one place over a million years of visible strata. So this just goes to prove that their evolution theory which is based on later periods and pre‑Cambrain was ever so far before that, that they are stuck with it. In other words if human beings who walked upright and who painted plates were ever so far beyond evolution time, or even the mammals came, then where does that leave the evolution theory? Remember in the re‑creation YAHWEH put back the animals all over the earth but he did not have to put back the fish, they were still there.

QUESTION: Where does it say that?

ANSWER: This is an allegory that is hidden away. Remember Moses wrote this almost 4000 years after this happened. So if you are writing about something which happened that long before you are writing in allegory. So he didn’t spend much time on this, but there was lots more information on that period. He thought anyone who was reading this book (Bible) would know that.