Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 159

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 159

Questions And Answers

QUESTION: How can you trace the heritage of a race and then come up with the early life of Jesus the Christ?

ANSWER: Easy. Go to your favourite university and many libraries and read, read, read. Go back into the old records and books. There are many places of antiquity which show the path of the Adamic or Aryan race in their journey over this planet since they came into earth in physical bodies as Adam and Eve. Then trace the lineage of Jesus the Christ and how he says that HE came the same way you did, born of a woman to identity with his people, his race. Go to the bible for the message of the Woman of Revelation 12 and digest that from a spiritual understanding, and then go to Genesis 2, and see who the people of this WOMAN (Israel) really are. There are also many publications on this subject for a person is interested in reading, and they are easy to find. The reason why this subject is not well known is that over the years the enemy has been busy turning the thinking of our people from their heritage and their background.

In ancient times and thus through the old book this Aryan race could be traced from the time they left the garden of Eden, went down into Northern India from the Tarim Basin, and then started their westward movement from there where they had built a civilization.

Here at the end of this Century the enemy is still trying to cloud this issue. Even to try to remove from America the worship as, yes, even the name of Jesus Christ, our LORD and Saviour. Look here in October of this year of 1997. You have heard the hue and cry as the ‘Promise Keepers’ came to Washington, D.C.

Mrs. Ireland’s thinly veiled protest rested on the fact that their Christian Faith is based on Jesus the Christ whom we say is YAHWEH in the flesh. She stressed that there are other people just as she is that worship god who is not Jesus Christ. She does not want the “Promise Keepers’ who are mostly white males to make this a part of their political feelings, as they call for America to reconsider her lost values. Mrs. Ireland remember is head of the women’s group called NOW, which we call the women’s lib organization. She is married to a man, as she tell you, but she also does not tell you that she lives in another city from him, with a woman friend. We still say that her biggest objection to the ‘Promise Keepers’ is that they pray and worship Jesus Christ and are trying to rebuild America’s Christian Faith which made this country great.