Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 156

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 156

In Search of Ancient Gods
(My Pictorial Evidence For The Impossible, By Erich Van Daniken)
(Review ) Time of First American Edition 1975. (Work of E. M.)

MEN HAVE BEEN FASCINATED BY SPACE SINCE TIME IMMEMORIAL. What did those pin points of light in the heavens mean? Did they form those outlines of animals or human beings? Could this be the ‘home of the Gods?’

Many are the theories as to how all that is now the heavens, or even only the Milky Way. Where did it come from and what keeps it in place? What then is the answer?

In the view of our author, Myths are the oldest traditional accounts of History. In other words, accounts of what was once reality. We found that in both the ‘Epic of Gilgamech’ and also in the Sumerian story of ‘Etana’ that they felt that they floated high in the air. From the Etana Epic, it was an Eagle (God) that carried him higher and higher from the earth and he actually saw the earth receding.

Our author then believed that ‘Gods’ in mythology’ could only be a synonym for space travellers. Time and time again, the ancient texts begins: ‘Take up thy pen and write, or watch carefully what I show thee, and tell it to your brothers and sisters.’