Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 155

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 155

America 1996 (Trying To Find A Way Out Of Trouble)

AMERICA TODAY FACES SO MANY PROBLEMS. We have allowed our nation to be taken over and we have come to the point of judgment on the House of God. Perhaps in searching for answers, we need to go back in time and see what some of the mistakes we made have let us in for. As the last great nation of God’s kingdom, we have slid into the position we found ourselves in 1994 as Congress begin to try to put a stop to our drift into this One World Government we have been hearing so much about as being a wonderful thing for the world.

Looking back, we find there have been men over the years, who tried to stop this drifting of America into this One World Government set up. They tried so hard to keep us out of this age old trap. One of these men we are thinking of is the father of Charles A. Lindberg (Page 2), who lived at the time of the setting in place of the Federal Reserve System to control our economy. He was very knowledgeable about Economics, and Mr. Lindberg Sr. had this to say, ‘There is a key to the good things of the world. We have the key and that key is the mind. It is ‘thought’ which opens the way to all things. It is our failure to give an little honest thought to direct our actions that compels most of us to struggle with the hardships of the world. We are under the influence of others, in fact, just a few. In fact, some of whom we have been taught almost to worship, while at the same time, we seldom know how much they control us, our lives, and our nation.’

Mr. Lindberg suggested that if we would free ourselves from the domination of such leaders, and stop almost worshiping the self-appointed directors of our affairs, and start using our minds to determine what actions should be taken for the good of our nation, then we, going back to the laws of our God, could free ourselves from the troubles which bind us. Mr. Lindberg wrote this back in 1923. And we had drifted into trouble at that time, and we have just kept on drifting up until now when here under bondage, we are trying to find a way out. Here we stand, this great nation of God’s kingdom, still afraid to resist the enemy of our God, still letting them rule over us after they have claimed our heritage. Today we find people running around and wondering just what went wrong.