Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 153

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 153

America – Still At The Crossroads

AS WE LOOK AT THE SITUATION HERE IN AMERICA AT THE END OF APRIL, we see the United States still at the Crossroads. Do we walk on into the trap of a ‘One World’ government or do we struggle to come out of Great Babylon as a nation?

On April 19th, came the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. If this was done by so-called Militia men or so-called White Supremists isn’t it strange they would do this in the ‘heart of America, deep in the Bible belt?

As we try to figure out just where we are here in the United States of America, as a nation, and as to what we as citizens in this nation should be thinking and doing, we usually go back into the past to review the mistakes we as a nation made as we marched into this trap of ‘One World’ government singing ‘Brotherhood’ and ‘God save America.’ We also go back to check the scriptures to review the old books to better understand where we came from, and what we are here for, and as to where we went wrong in our march to our destiny.

From the library at Wichita State University, we have this book called ‘The Rembrandt Bible.’ This is just a portion of the work of this famous artist of the past, from the 1600’s. In fact, it is a study of his drawings, not his famous paintings. This book was put together by Oswald Goetz.

As you know, Rembrandt used the Bible for much of the stories to be found in his paintings and also in his work in his sketches, his drawings and etchings.

Rembrandt lived in the Netherlands. At this time the Low Countries had acquired their freedom from Spain. Here the dominate group of neighbours were the Calvinists who had a peculiar interest in the Old Testament stories. Another group which existed at this time in his area were the Mennonites who practiced adult Baptism and emphasized community life.
Our author did not find that Rembrandt belonged to this group called Mennonites, but he portrayed them, and became acquainted with their beliefs. These people carried as a symbol the idea of goodness conquering sin. And you find in the work of Rembrandt that this spiritual and moral element shows through his work.