Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 144

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 144

Visiting The Past

IN OUR WORLD TODAY ARCHAEOLOGY IS CONSIDERED A PROVEN SCIENCE, and we have been learning from this science all they have dug up of the past which traces the family history of this Adamic Race.

In this message we are considering the writings of Ivor Lissner (Above), along with what we have learned , so as to fill in the gaps perhaps of this story of YAHWEH’S people in this long struggle to build his kingdom here in earth.

Ivor Lissner was born in Germany where he studied law, history, anthropology and linguistics . Then he spent 17 years wandering through out the Mediterranean area, Asia Minor, and over Australia, and India and the rest of the far east. After that he sat down to write of these ancient civilizations he had caught a glimpse of and we hope his writings will fill in a part of our story.

Ivor Lissner tells us that the past is still with us although unknown by many. It is a memory buried deep in the subconscious, but can be arouse by this science of Archaeology, or a visit to a museum. After all from that experience you will have to realize that everything which is good on earth has its foundation in a belief in God. Surely there is a mystery in the past that we have not recognized which tells us that “We cannot live by bread alone,” as we are told in Matt: 4.

It took our Author some time to disclose all he had learned and he wrote two books for us to study, these were entitled: “The Living Past” and “The Silent Past.” He also tells us that Every Day of your life just happens once. Generations before you have striven for, and achieved as best they could.

And when you realize this, then you can know that you are setting upon a mountain of history and civilization that your race has built for you, over these thousands of years in the past. Have you ever reflected upon this and wondered just why you were placed here in the 20th century, and what part you were meant to play in this great Divine picture?

Now, let us look at some of the past which has been uncovered and see what Astronomy and Archaeology can tell us. For instance, these ancient people in Mesopotamia were interested in Astronomy. Why do you suppose they were so interested? They found by archaeology that these people believed in a resurrection after death. Why do you suppose they believed thus?