Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 143

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 143

Lost Israel? Or Just Blind Sheep?

WE SEE HERE IN THE SPRING OF 1994, AFTER WE HAVE JUST PASSED RESURRECTION DAY, NOW CALLED EASTER, that we still remember this day as the Resurrection of our Saviour, although many things have been added to the Celebration, and we are thankful for this. We remember the 1960’s and the message of the Swift Ministry pointing out this leftward drift of the organized church world in this fulfilling of prophecy as the ‘falling away’ from the true Faith. We remember the preaching of World brotherhood; love everybody, do your own thing, get along with everyone by joining them, and love not war.

We also remember that many of our young as well as some of the older folks fell for this line thus being casualties of those time as well, while others were able to keep their feet planted in the path they had been taught to follow, and even though some strayed a bit, still some returned in adulthood to their roots and picked up the mantle of knowledge and became good fathers and mothers of the future generation. That is the type of people which keeps this race alive to do their work for the building of YAHWEH’S Kingdom here in earth.

In our world today the oppressor has been very forthright in the practice of hiding doctrines, traditions and so forth until many, many of this race have lost their identity, not as to who Jesus is but as to who they are, and why they are here.

Some talk of the ‘Lost Tribes’ of Israel, how they were swallowed up in history and swallowed up in World Brotherhood. But no my friend, the tribes of Israel were never lost, it is our race which just lost track of them as they went into their migrations to find their permanent homes in the west, as YAHWEH had ordained that they should do. They are still in their same marching orders around the ‘House of Jacob’ which is now found in the West with the Jacob Stone under the Throne Chair in Westminster Abbey in England.

Many are the witnesses to this westward march if people would just read. Two good witnesses as to this migration westward are: .1. The Behistun Rock Inscription which has been photographed by many and translated for Israel’s dominate tracing of their history. The book “The Missing Link” by Raymond Cap carries a good picture of this Rock inscription and the interpretation as do several other books of history of that era.

It shows the House of Israel going into captivity and the work of Darius the King of Persia, and the land unto which they were taken, and from which they were freed to move on in destiny.