Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 12

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 12


1. Rahab
2. Who was Jael
3. Judges 9
4. Who are the Jews?
5. II Kings 17:6‑23
6. Ezekiel 17:22‑23
7. Nehemiah 13:23

QUESTION: Who was Rahab? And if a Harlot then why is she listed in Hebrews 11:31?

ANSWER: In the Ferrah Fenton Bible she is listed as an Innkeeper, so the word, Harlot, is bad translation. This was a woman of the Adamic race living on the wall of this old city. Her father, mother and brethren in fact her whole household would be marked to be rescued as the Israelites take the city. Why? Because she helped the Israelite scouts who came to see what it was like in that city. But notice Joshua 2:9; for this lady said: ‘I know that YAHWEH hath given you the land. We have heard how YAHWEH dried up the Red Sea for you’. Then verse 11; ‘Our hearts did melt for YAHWEH, your God is the God of heaven above and in the earth beneath’. She not only hid the Israelites but she let them down outside the wall, and told them how to escape those hunting for them from the city.

Now; remember this is a very disciplined fighting force that Joshua is leading here, but the writ of circumcision had not been kept in the wilderness so the Israelites were encamped here after passing over the Jordan on dry ground as YAHWEH held back the waters of the Jordan. And while they were camped for this writ of circumcision then Joshua meets this great warrior (Joshua 5:13). Joshua was astonished but he goes near this great figure and said: ‘Art thou for us or against us?’ Joshua sure didn’t need any more enemies. But then Joshua had caught the vision, had seized the sword, and was ready to launch this crusade and whether he knew it or not the enemy would not be able to make the Israelites break rank or fall. But then there stood that great warrior before him so of course Joshua wanted to know if he was for him or against him.