Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 118

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 118

Peace, Peace When There Is No Peace

AS THE YEAR OF 1991 RAN OUT, MEN IN EARTH WERE WORKING HARD TO SET IN PLACE SOMETHING CALLED PEACE IN THE MIDDLE‑EAST, but actually they have been trying to do this since the rebellion in the heavens so long ago. In the beginning the word Peace meant understanding, where as today it seems to mean a process of getting along with the world order. Still in blindness we find many of our people today still trying to help the enemy establish their type of a One World Government which in the final analysis leaves our Saviour out of the picture. In this great longing for Peace our people seem happy to give away their inheritance to another people, just so the enemy might want to live with us in Peace.

There is however, another side to the picture if you care to look for it. Behind the headlines we have been reading from publications from the pen of the enemy that the Christian religion must be, used until the One WORLD GOVERNMENT is set in place, then will come the rude awakening for the Western World. We saw some of this USE as the newspapers reported about the newly released Dead Sea Scrolls. The Terms, ‘The Staff’, the ‘Branch of David’, ‘The Root of Jesse’, all of these were interpreted by the enemy as being from the Essenes, as they say, a Jewish group at the time of Jesus. If the Christian West once more accepts this explanation by these so called Scholars, then once more they will miss the opportunity to stand up for their inheritance and their God, and will continue to look for Peace in a World Order wherein they are only 16th., of the worlds population.

We would remind you once more that there were many people in Judea at the time of Christ who were not Israelites. There were Jews (Edomites) in control of the Temple in Jerusalem. There were Israelites in residency as well, and some were out in the caves in the hills who were called the Essenes. There were people from the Arab lineage still living in this old land as well, and some people of the mixture of the races, as were the Edomites.

Today we are told, in the Book entitled ‘Judaism’ by Isadore Epstein who these people called Jews were supposed to be. This is a short summary of this explanation as to the people of the Bible according to this Jewish author. (Quote) ‘God chose Abraham for his purpose, and out of him came these people called Israel. As they came out of Egyptian bondage they went on to become a nation in Palestine. Later they were separated into two groups because of disobedience, and now were called the House of Israel, and the House of Judah. The northern ten tribes of the House of Israel went into captivity, and while there they mixed with their captors and became the Summerians, thus no longer recognized as God’s people. The House of Judah also went into captivity, in Babylon. Then after 70 years, God cleansed some of these people and brought them out, making them new people now called Jews. They were brought back to Judea thus making them inheritors of all the Old Testament promises to Israel. (Unquote)