Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 116

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 116

The Emerging Kingdom

AS WE LOOK FOR THE STORY OF THIS EMERGING KINGDOM we must look for the Nations of this Kingdom, the people of this Kingdom who are vital and real in this world which we live in. We must also establish the Creator of this Kingdom, the King of this Kingdom, who throughout the Scripture has pointed out His role, and the role of His peculiar people, called the SHEEP OF HIS PASTURE.

When thinking of the many facets of this story we recall of course the understanding of Scripture as recorded for us by the Swift Ministry. In the Gospel of Matthew (24) we find Jesus talking to His Disciples, and as they talked He listed the events which were to bring to conclusion in time this great program HE has outlined for this earth. As Jesus outlined these events, He spoke of wars and rumours of wars, then was to come, what is listed as ‘The Time of Sorrows’, which we understand to mean Birth Pangs, of what? An Emerging Kingdom, listed as though born small as a child, but which was to grow and grow until it fills the whole earth. This is a vital part of the program of the Restitution of all things, which the Scripture outlines as to the purpose of the Great God of the Universe. This being such a big subject Dr. Swift reminded us that he had studied for years, but never grew tired of thinking, of meditating on these things as he looked for the answers and became deeper and deeper involved in this study.

He then informs us that he never came to an end of things revealed, and reminds us that YAHWEH has never had a beginning which some people find hard to comprehend. The wonderful thing is that everything YAHWEH worked at, He then brought forward. He never set up an idea that He did not finish. We then can look into the tomorrows and try to catch this infinite pattern, and see things not understood before. This is a continuing process as we learn and grow in knowledge which HE reveals to us.

The Apostle Paul talks about how we. His people, existed in the ‘Bosom of the father, in Love, before the foundation of the world. Ephesians 1:2‑5.

Let us get this straight, the people of HIS Kingdom are begotten of HIM, thus this Spirit in you is of Divinity. When born of incorruptible seed, which cannot be destroyed, how else could you describe His people?