Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 10

Ella Rose Mast Study Tape 10

QUESTION: What was Admiral Byrd looking for at the South Pole?

ANSWER: Admiral Byrd was looking for an entrance into Inner Earth. He was very curious as to this. Admiral Byrd used to discuss this at the Explorers Club and tell of the things his expedition had uncovered in the Antarctic. He said on one of their trips they could see under the ice great stone buildings, way down in frozen ice. The Byrd expedition came on this spot twice in their transversal of Antarctica, and unless the snow would blow away in drifts they could not find the spot. But they knew that at one time there was a civilization at the South Pole of this globe.

Admiral Byrd had a tremendous notebook of all they had found, and he thought that they could find this area of the frozen city again even though there was nothing to mark it as it was not close enough to any high

mountains to use the peaks for markers of the place. Admiral Byrd reported that there were areas down there covered with perpetual vapour and mists. This means that there is warm air coming out of the earth at all times. Birds fly out of the opening down there, and they found fresh twigs and some leaves and plants scattered around on the ice.

Admiral Byrd believed there was a large opening at either end of the earth and thought that at times these were covered over. He had studied all these things and he knew there was supposed to be a land entrance at the South Pole, and a cold land entrance at the North Pole. And that the seas there were also to be a part of the entrance in the north before the shift of the earth’s axis.

Admiral Byrd was probably more of a student on this subject of the inner earth because he believed so thoroughly in this that he went looking for the entrance. He knew that with birds flying out of areas down there with thousands of miles of ice and snow around that there had to be some area from whence the birds came carrying those pieces of sticks and grass. Some where other than those cities frozen in ice.