Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – May 1995

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – May 1995

Catastrophe struck in Oklahoma City, a few minutes after 9 o’clock on April 19th.

WE WERE STUDYING THE LINE UP OF THE PLANETS AND EXPECTED THAT THE MONTH OF APRIL WAS SET FOR TROUBLE. Not only were the two planets Venus (the great revealer) and Saturn (Satan) coming to a stunning conjunction in the eastern dawn on April 13, but they would be a mesmerizing pair through much of the month of April. The two planets were only ½ a degree apart on April 13th. And by April 22nd, Saturn had moved 10 degrees to the upper right of Venus. The coming together of the two planets Neptune (chaos) and Uranus (money) would also come into conjunction after the middle of April.

The Catastrophe in Oklahoma City shocked the nation. Of all places, why would an ex-soldier even if disgusted with the work of a wing of our government, choose the middle of the Bible Belt to strike? And at his own people? The ‘left’ was quick to blame the tragedy on the Conservatives, the Republicans, and the talk show hosts. But who was taking political advantage of this great tragedy?

What is the story of the computer chip that the soldier who is being convicted for the crime is trying to tell us. One of the Militia was telling of army experiments with computer chips. But I have heard it no other place.