Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – May 1994

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – May 1994

WHO MORTARED THE SARAJEVO MARKET? As first expressed by Ambassador Rurary in this Newspaper, authorities are now wondering just who is responsible for the SUPPOSED attack on the market at Sarajevo which finally triggered Western Intervention in that war?

Many now doubt that the Bosnian Serbs were responsible. One of the doubters is Dr. Sevket Karduman of New York, an American medical doctor of Turkish extraction. He was in the emergency ward in Sarajevo when the dead and wounded were brought in. He reported that 80% of al the injuries were from the waist down, that there were burns on the legs and cases of heavy bleeding from shrapnel wounds. Experts reviewing this evidence concluded:

1. No shell could have caused such devastation.

2. The nature of the injuries indicate that they wee caused by a cone shaped explosive device
placed among the crates.

3. That the device containing a propelling charge (which accounts for the high proportion of Internal Injuries) was a phosphorous charge, and also some shell heads of hand grenades were found.

4. It was probably detonated by remote control.

5. It probably weighed no more than 15 kg.