Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – May 1991

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – May 1991

Now; I sit me down in school,
where Praying is against the rule;
for this great nation under God
finds public mention of HIM odd.
Any prayer a class recites,
now violated the Bill of Rights,
any time my head I bow,
becomes a Federal matter now.
Teach us of stars, or poles, and equator,
but make no mention of their Creator;
tell of experts in Denmark and Sweden,
but not one word of Eve or Eden.
The law is precise,
praying out loud is no longer nice;
praying aloud in public hall,
upsets believers in nothing at all.
In silence, alone can we meditate,
and if God should get credit;
well that is great; this rule
however has one gimmick in it,
you have to be finished in less than a minute.
So all I ask is a minute of quiet,
and if I feel like praying then maybe
I’ll try it; if not OH! LORD,
this one plea I make;
Should I die in school, ‘My soul you’ll take.’

Author Unknown