Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – June 1997

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – June 1997

AS WE ENTER THE MONTH OF JUNE, WE SEE IN THE PRESS A STARTLING THING. For the first time it seems someone is challenging this idea of Einstein as being the idea man of the birth of the Universe and so forth.

From Lawrence, Kansas comes a Kansas professor and his research partner, and they are reporting findings that might cause the physicists to reconsider Einstein’s ‘theory of relativity’ as well as the birth of the universe.

John Ralston, Kansas professor of Physics and Astronomy, and Borge Nodland, Research-Fellow at University of Rochester, are challenging one of the fundamental ideas of modern cosmology. The saying that space is the same in all directions with no up and down.

The professors research appears to show that there is an up and down to the universe. And that space, like earth, may be oriented along an axis.

“Our observational data suggests that there is a mysterious north star that orients the universe.” Said Ralston.

Einstein’s ‘theory of relativity’ is based on an ‘assumption’ of a Universe that is direction less as well as upon the constancy of the speed of light.

The researchers suggest that other scientist need to explore how Einstein’s theory of electromagnetism relate to their findings. One possibility would be to revise the laws of light and electromagnetism. This research may also be the first experimental evidence yet of the existence of other universes. (Who, then, was Einstein, who the scientists have followed all of these years?)