Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – June 1989

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – June 1989

VICE PRESIDENT QUAYLE AND HIS ADVISORS ARE TURNING INTO THE MAJOR PLAYERS INSIDE THE ADMINISTRATION SUPPORTING THE SDI PROGRAM. Brent Scrowcroft is clearly the most important staffer against the SDI. This is to be expected of course. Also Arnold Kanter whom Scrowcroft recruited from the Rand Corp- oration is also against SDI. President Bush is said to be undecided, there- fore it is up to Quayle and his advisors to bring their influence to bear, on the thinking of the President. No wonder the Press is still against the Vice President, and belittles him whenever possible, although the President seems to be trying to educate the Vice President to fill the bigger shoes.

What is the truth behind the development of what is called ‘Cold Fusion’? Will Loy thinks, and I agree, that there seems to be a big cover up. Big money interests will do anything to stop the development of this ‘Cold Fusion’ Why? because this is an inexhaustible power source with very little radio active waste, and no pollution. Big names are discouraging the belief in this source of power, just as nuclear energy was discouraged. It is a political football today with no thought as to what the cheap source of power would do for the company and the people of our nation.

Mr. Loy thinks the Battleship ‘Iowa’ was a victim of Sabotage. WELL, there has now been three so called accidents in a row. Mr. Loy suggests that the KGB has mistakenly believed that the United States had something to do with the sinking of their experimental Submarine off the coast of Norway just recently.

The rise in gasoline prices was not caused by the oil spill in Alaska, there are other reasons behind this rise in price. One is to feed inflation so as to destabilize the Bush Administration.