Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – July 1991

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – July 1991

Interesting Titbits: Dr. Swift:.

THE SIDES OF THE NORTH: refers to the 4 Archangels called Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and Lucifer as the sides who revolved around the centre, The Master – YAHWEH-YAHSHUA; Himself. When Lucifer came out of the Sides of the North in rebellion, then YAHWEH took over his portion so as to maintain the balance.

The Peak of Mt. Zion, the holy stone, probably once the base of the Temple Altar of Burnt Offerings is enclosed by the Mosque of Omar, thus guarded by the Arabs as is the Tomb of Abraham and those who are buried there.

The Spirit of God is not going to come in some Evangelistic meeting. The Spirit of God is going to stimulate the inside consciousness of the soul, cause the mind to work, to see the Blue-Print of God’s plan.

‘The last shall be first’ Those the World Order would make last, are first in the eyes of God because of the truth they carry.

Another result of Communism

From the Baltic to the Black Sea runaway industrialization with no thought to the environment, no pollution control, has turned the rivers into death traps, for not only people, but the forests as well. Now western thinking men must try to assess the damages and modernize the plants to stop this great disaster.