Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – February 1990

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – February 1990

THE YEAR 1989 WAS AN EVENTFUL YEAR AND 1990 STARTED WITH A BANG. We saw Ceausescu’s of Romania tried by Military Court and executed along with his wife on Christmas Day. We are now learning of the many evil things that he did in his 25 years of Dictatorship. Remember that 3 Presidents of the United States starting with Richard Nixon seemed to think that he was doing such a good job

Communism is going down all over the world where the Soviet Union had employed this type of political blackmail. The area of Central America needs to be cleaned out. It is reported behind the scenes that Gorbachev promised President Bush at their last meeting that they would begin to close down the pipeline to Cuba within a three month period. Is that one of the reasons that Dictator Noriega did not run to the Cuban Embassy instead of the Vatican?

Will the Dictator of Nicaragua be the next Dictator we will have to topple? They had threatened not to let our plane carrying supplies for our Embassy to land, January 11, 1990. Haven’t head anymore about it but I remember that many of our Congressmen have helped and abetted this little Dictator to do his job.

As you watched the events, in the Panama Invasion did you think of the setting in place of the necessity for this action, just a little over 10 years ago as the President and Congress took the steps which would require this sending of American troops to rectify, only ten years later?

Some people are still worrying about a reunified Germany. The Pentagon tells us that we will likely face in the 1990’s a Europe shaped as much by German economic influence and military potential as by Russian influence. Destiny we would say is inevitable.