Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – December 1990 – 2

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – December 1990 – 2

THE TIME TABLE FOR JANUARY 15, 1991 IS FAST RUNNING OUT, as I write this Saddam has refused to budge, who knows what he will do as the dead- line approaches for the UN Resolution.


Christopher Columbus landed in the New World October 12, 1492, and over the Centuries the Celestial observations which he recorded have been disputed and discounted but now recent investigation indicate that all along Columbus was right.

Christopher Columbus made many references to Astronomical observations, and because of the belief that people of ‘His time’ in history did not have such knowledge, then those findings were discounted. In our modern world personal computers make it easy to reconstruct the skies of January 1493.

There were four events taking place in the sky in a 24 hour period starting on January 17, 1493. Since Columbus knew on January 13, what would occur four days later then he must have carried an almanac with him which told him to seek a safe harbour, to wait out this storm which was indicated. Today the so called ‘intellectuals’ are acknowledging that there was such an Almanac available to Columbus showing him that the Sun in opposition to the Planet Jupiter would cause strong winds on earth.