Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – August 1995

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – August 1995

AMERICA the Land of the Free, the Home of the Brave

WHAT WE ASK, MADE AMERICA DIFFERENT? In a nutshell, is the answer from the book ‘To Renew America’ by Newt Gingrich.

Quote: The fastest way to learn about America, is by immersion in our history as a people and our emergence as a nation. From the Jamestown Colony and the Pilgrims, to the very founding of the Nation, the centrality of God and religion is unmistakable. All of our rights come from our Creator. Even today, this is a very radical idea. In nearly all countries, power belongs to the State and is occasionally loaned to individuals. In America, power comes from God to the individual an dis loaned to the State. It does not belong to a State of a King. It would be hard to imagine a greater difference in first principles.

Just take one historical example. When the Constitutional Convention was deadlocked, and there was a real danger that the Convention would break up over the fight between big and small States, Benjamin Franklin rose to calm tempers and restore to the delegates a common sense of purpose. His speech is instructive in re-centring America on its relationship to God. (This is some of what Franklin was to say that day.)