Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – August 1994 – 3

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – August 1994 – 3

This is a thought

If God wanted to lead Moses and his people out of Egypt today, He could not part the Red Sea without obtaining the permission of Environmentalists authorities. Edward Grimsky Commentary


Will Dole now cave in on Health Care Reform? —(We may know before you receive this.)

WHILE SENATOR DOLE IS TO BE COMMENDED IN HIS HEALTH CARE BILL, still many things in it are good. However there are also some things in this bill that are not good, such as community ratings, under this provision, Healthy people end up subsidizing the sick and this will raise the Health Premiums beyond what we are paying today. It is expected that in some cases this will double. This has been tried in New York State and as more sick people entered the program the costs or premiums rose and healthy people left the program.

In 1993 the State of New York, Department of Insurance accepted all applicants regardless of health status and charged everyone the same premium for Health Insurance, provisions similar to the Dole measure. According to the New York Dept. of Insurance, in the first year of Community rating, almost 30% of the insured experience increases of 20% to 59% rates, and for a single 30 year old single male this increased by 170%. Basically then Dole’s package contains many admirable features, but is marred by too many major blunders should he begin to navigate to the left.