Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – August 1994 – 2

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – August 1994 – 2

MORTON H. HALPERIN WITHDREW HIS NOMINATION TO HEAD A NEW PEACE KEEPING POSITION AT THE PENTAGON. This was a manufactured new position so as to place this man in a strong position at the Pentagon at a very good salary. This position was not necessary just created for an old friend. Remember also that the devil has to be bound before there can be Peace on earth. As of yet that has not happened as we are reminded every day. This was one time that the Congress of the U.S. function as it should.

President Clinton was in Europe in this month of January, and then went on to the Ukraine and then on to Moscow. The Ukraine was forced into agreeing to turn their nuclear weapons back to Russia. What if the communist come back into power??? The President talked about integrating Europe, what did he mean by integrating?? Surely you know what this is all about?

Human Events;

President Clinton is getting ready to appoint an ambassador to Panama, who is to be Robert Pastor, this is Jimmy Carters Left Wing Latin American affairs expert on the National Security council. On Pastors watch before, on the Carter Administration, he helped give away the Panama Canal, helped Fidel Castro make headway in Central America, helped the Sandinistas seize control in Nicaragua, and Communist guerrillas came within a whisker of capturing El Salvador.