Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – August 1990

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – August 1990

AS I WRITE THIS NEWSLETTER, THE DATE IS AUGUST 24,1990 Congress passed the ‘Disabilities Act’ called a majestic piece of Legislation, but they also worded it so that it does not apply to them. Thus they will never face a Federal Court if he or she is said to have discriminated against the disabled.


Remember how a short time ago the Press screamed that the Iron Lady was on the way out because of this new tax? Actually the truth of the matter is that under her plan, in the areas controlled by conservatives the tax is $5.00 per person less than in a Labour controlled area. Without this program property owners, especially Home owning pensioners living alone would have been saddled with exorbitant ‘local tax’ bills, while young students and aspiring Yuppies renting flats would pay little or nothing for their local services. Since now each council sets its own rate, local politicians must articulate prior to election what kind of services they will offer, and how much they intend to charge the local tax payer.

No longer can the promise of the Moon and Sixpence elect politicians, as a result of Mrs. Thatcher’s tax plan seems to be catching on as the British public is seeing more clearly the results. Simply put, the leaders of these areas are now inclined to seek Competitive bids on road work, garbage collections, sewer maintenance, and gardeners who keep the parks tidy. This lowers the charges per head and as you know it means votes.