Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – August 1987

Ella Rose Mast Newsletter – August 1987

DID YOU NOTICE THAT THE ASTRONOMERS HAVE FOUND THAT THERE IS OTHER ‘SUNS’, out there and they have planets in orbit around them as does our earth.?? My-they are going to catch up with our thinking one of these days.

After the Challenger Disaster of 1-28-86 and our failure to move ahead in space explorations, then the Soviets are said to be well ahead of the U.S. in that area. Defensively speaking the soviet Union has perfected its spy satellites so that they can track U.S. Warships anywhere in the world, and can now relay their location directly to Soviet Vessels. Thus the soviet satellites can provide time-critical tracking and targeting of U.S. ships as they patrol the area such as the Persian Gulf. Wonder who really gave the orders to fire on the battleship Stark?? Was this a warning strike in this battle of nerves?

Dr. Robert Jastrow, president of the George C. Marshall Institute warns that if recent House action in reducing the Presidents SDI funding is held it will mean disaster for the program, for it will put on hold the part of the program which is necessary to defend this country, until it is to late.

As you know the Soviet Union is nourishing an insurgency against South Africa to pave the way for a thrust against the U.S. and they are using the system as a tool. And instead of defending even the U.S. interest in South Africa our state Department is attacking South Africa thus aligning our foreign policy with the Soviets. This stance is Suicidal for if the South African nation is conquered all of that area will fall, and the west will be denied access to the strategic minerals of South Africa, and also the oil of the Persian Gulf, for this is a strategic waterway that the Soviets are after. Thus it all ties together, and the west is being led down the path of appeasement, the scripture warns against this but also points out that this will occur for Israel is blind, and being led by those not of our thinking.