Enquiry Re Glaucoma And Cannabis Treatment

Enquiry Re Glaucoma And Cannabis Treatment

CANNABIS REDUCES INTRA-OCULAR PRESSURE (IOP) by approximately 30 per cent, with beneficial relaxation to the eyes noticed particularly by sufferers of high or increasing IOP (glaucoma). The whites of the eyes can become reddened for a short time as cannabis tends to dilate vessels.

This temporary effect occurs to a less noticeable degree than the bloodshot eyes associated with the use of alcohol, chopping onions, crying or a swim in a chlorinated pool. Physical tensions and symptoms of stress are alleviated, generally accompanied by slight dilation of blood vessels lowering blood pressure.

Note: That these effects are measurably mild and, confirmed by Modern Medical Case Histories, only ever do good to the human being (see Judicial Enquiry Data, ref. Part Four).

THE REPORT, page 22. Clinical Findings of Fact, c.)

Cannabis smoking is the only reliable countermeasure to glaucoma known to Man, consistently reducing intra-ocular pressure, dispelling glaucoma symptoms and saving eyesight. N.B. Tetrahydocannabinol (THC; a synthesised laboratory concentrate which does not occur in nature) is not effective as medication for glaucoma; i.e, pharmaceutical Nabilone, Marinol, etc.

‘THC’ within the herb is compounded by nature into a disparate, safe, chemical compound which is the herb itself. See section “THC Is Not Cannabis” in Part One.