England Under The Heel of The Jew

England Under The Heel of The Jew

We both have heard about “Racialism”, but we fail to Locate it—where is it?

The only Racialism that exists and should exist amongst us is against the Alien Menace who, as this little book conveys to us, are the White Asiatics—the Jews!

I have had this little book reprinted, from the works of the Late Dr. Clarke, simply because: (although it was written in 1921) it conveys to us Descendants of Boer and Briton, that even then this English Doctor endeavoured to prove to as that we were getting away from the true cause of our separation from each other, and that there were real Englishmen in England who understood our troubles.

Furthermore, so very, very few South Africans, both Afrikaans and English speaking know the facts which are recorded in our Cape Blue books pertaining to the Cause of the Jameson’s Raid and the Boer War.